Magenta Services

 We provide confidential and sex worker friendly services

Our Services

Magenta offers support, health services, education and information to female, male and transgender workers in the sex industry. Magenta provides outreach and in-house services to sex workers in commercial sexual services and small owner operated businesses.


Magenta Educators are always on the go! We love visiting your place of work to catch up. We can visit your parlour, hotel room, or private residence. If you are a street-based sex worker we’ll meet you somewhere convenient too. While we’re visiting we:

  • Sell cheap safe sex supplies
  • Help you make clinic appointments
  • Offer advice on working safely
  • Give out Ugly Mugs
  • Give out newsletters
  • Provide Legislation information
  • Offer any other support you may need
  • Provide translated & English resources

If your place of work is not on our regular outreach roster, please contact Magenta to ask us to visit, on 9328 1387.

Ugly Mugs

What is an Ugly Mug?

An Ugly Mug is a client who has been violent or mistreated a sex worker. Magenta collects reports of these from sex workers. If you have come across an Ugly Mug contact an Educator to talk about it. The information is updated regularly and is available by subscription.

Why report an Ugly Mug?

Reporting an ugly mug can help keep other sex workers safe. By providing details of the client, and the incident, other workers can look out for similar situations, and protect themselves.

Magenta staff will never force anyone to report an ugly mug. Staff fully support the worker’s right to choose whatever course of action they wish (or none at all), following an incident.

What kind of questions will I be asked?

Magenta staff are experienced in assisting you to report an ugly mug. The general reporting format can be found here. Of course, Magenta staff will be as flexible as possible in helping you answer these questions so we can prepare a report.


Magenta can refer you to sex worker friendly services in the following areas:

  • legal
  • accounting, tax and finances
  • counselling
  •  medical
  • parenting
  • welfare and other issues
  • If you have an issue which isn’t listed we may still be able to find you the right referral – just ask us


Some of our resources cover these topics:

    • Safer sex
    • Safer Injecting techniques
    • Blood Borne Viruses (BBV’s)
    • Legislation surrounding the sex industry
    • Taxation information
    • Working with difficult clients
    • Working in different sectors of the industry
    • Budgeting/saving money

Magenta will shortly commence offering counselling appointments. Please phone us for more details on (08) 9328 1387

Come Visit Us

You’re welcome to drop into Magenta anytime during opening hours. Friendly staff are available to answer your queries and sell you stock. If you need to speak to someone about a number of issues, you can make an appointment with an Educator. Alternatively you can phone us and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Educating the Community

Magenta addresses community forums, TAFE and university groups, doctors, and many others, about sex industry issues.

Magenta Clinic

Clinic open Tuesday 3:30 – 7:00pm
and Wednesday 9:30am – 1pm
(drop-ins and appointments available on
Wednesdays, with two clinics operating)
Call 9328 1387 to make an appointment
Friendly Female Doctor Available

  • Clinic Appointments Free of Charge
  • Anonymous and Confidential
  • No Medicare card needed
  • You do not have to use your real name
  • FREE STI, HIV and Hepatitis Testing
  • Contraception Advice

The Magenta Clinic can get very busy, so remember to book your regular check-ups well in advance. Please let us know if it’s an emergency, we will always try to help! If you are unable to get into the Magenta clinic, there are some alternative clinics, which Magenta believes to be sex worker friendly.

Magenta Shop

Magenta has the best range of specialised sex work products at great prices. We stock:

  • a wide variety of condoms and lubricants
  • dams, gloves and finger cots
  • sponges
  • toys
  • and more

You can come in and stock up at our shop, we can deliver, or send you a C.O.D. Phone to find out when educators are in your area.
All safe sex products comply with Australian quality standards, and are stored in a climate controlled room to avoid deterioration. On delivery stock is stored in eskys inside our air-conditioned outreach car.